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Naeem Ul Haq Confirms exit of Nawaz Sharif’s name from ECL

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Special Assistant for Political Affairs Naeemul Haq has confirmed that the government has allowed Nawaz Sharif to go abroad.

In a statement, Naeem-ul-Haq said that Nawaz Sharif is seriously ill, we have seen his reports. He said that every Pakistani has the right to seek his treatment.

He said that we have no objection to Nawaz Sharif’s overseas treatment, however, it is the court’s discretion to allow Nawaz Sharif to go out once or more.

Leader PTI said that the court will now decide how long Nawaz Sharif will go out. “I’m sick myself and haven’t been to the office for several days,” he said. Sources say that Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif will travel to London by national flight on Sunday.

Sources say preparations have begun at Harley Street Clinic for Nawaz Sharif’s treatment, and Sharif’s family is also talking to a doctor in New York.

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