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Good News For WhatsApp Users In UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is considering lifting the ban on the calling feature of the popular social networking app ‘WhatsApp’, after which people living there may also have benefit from WhatsApp calls.

According to the Gulf newspaper, UAE authorities are considering lifting a ban on the WhatsApp calls service.

The head of the United Arab Emirates National Electronic Security Authority, Mohammed Al-Kuwaiti, told US TV that “we have better relations with WhatsApp and in addition to enhancing partnerships with WhatsApp, which is working on various issues.” It is likely that the WhatsApp call will be lifted soon in the UAE.

It should be noted that Skype and FaceTime’s audio and video calling service, including the WhatsApp, is banned in the UAE, however users can use their text message service.

Due to these restrictions, the users were using the Bottom and Sea me Call service approved by the local authorities.

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