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Mahira Khan wrote the story in the name of her close friend

Pakistani film and drama industry actress Mahira Khan shared some old photos on social media while writing the story of a close friend. Mahira Khan shared a few photos on her Instagram account with her close friend, sharing fresh memories, and wrote a story in long captions.

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I want to tell you all this story.. story of a girl I met years and years ago. Story of someone who has the biggest heart in the world. I remember meeting Naroo in college thanks to @sanahafeezsheikh 😘🙏🏼 Blaring desi music and some algebra books in her car. That was it. She was there for me when no one was around. She put up with my loser behaviour. She listened patiently while I told her all my dreams. She used to wake up in cold sweats when her father passed away while we were in college, she would cry.. but she never let her mother see it. She protected her sisters fiercely. And at the age of 23 she took over a then small company of her fathers. She worked day and night, surrounded by only men ( at that point). And all the while still making us all feel that she’s there for us. And day before, when I watched her on stage making her dream come true, it felt like life had come a full circle. She is the only female CEO in the automotive industry in Pakistan. She told all of us that once at a conference they were welcomed as – Good evening Lady and Gentlemen. Aaaah! I truly believe success comes from hard work and good intentions. But dreams.. dreams come true because some kindness somewhere has just worked, someone’s prayers for you have been accepted. And imagine someone who is always kind to people, that’s my naroo.. ♥️ Naroo, the day Penny kicked us out of our apartment and you took me and Hissaan in, I prayed for you so hard. I believe my prayers have something to do with you being on that stage, as does anyone who has known you because that’s ALOT of prayers. I love you and have always been proud of you. To you my Naroo, to you forever inshAllah 💋

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Superstar Mahira Khan wrote in her post, “I want to tell you this story, the story of a girl whom I met many years ago. It is the story of a girl who has the biggest heart in the world. . ‘ The actress recounted the story of her oldest and closest friend, saying that I remember I met ‘Naru’ in college, it was standing with me every time no one was with me, when I gave it to my Telling about all the dreams, she listened to me very patiently.

Mahira Khan said of her friend that when her father left the world she never cried in front of her mother, she only cried with me in college, she was 23 years old since her father’s younger Even though I managed the company and worked day and night, it was always there for me.


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