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Rabi Pirzada decided to leave showbiz

Singer Rabi Pirzada announces her separation from the showbiz world.Rabi Pirzada announced the greeting of showbiz via social networking site Twitter.The singer said, “I take myself away from  showbiz, may Allah forgive my sins.”

Rabbi Pirzada further wrote that Allah should soften the hearts of the people in my favor and he also wrote a verse of the Holy Quran.he singer wrote the verse of Holy Quran in his tweet, which translates as ‘Allah honors whom He wills and humiliates whom He wills.’Rabi Pirzada wrote the hashtag ‘SaveASoul #’ at the end of the Twitter message.It should be noted that the singer unethical photos and videos went viral on social media last day, which has led to the hashtag of his name on Twitter.

The singer, while breaking the silence, also applied to the FIA’s Cyber ​​Crime Wing for action, after which the FIA ​​Cyber ​​Crime Wing began processing the request of Rabi Pirzada.

Rabi Pirzada had requested a  petition to investigate who uploaded the objectionable videos on social media.

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