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Maulana is soon packing-up , Sheikh Rasheed

Sheikh Rasheed has said in a video message that Maulana Fazl ul Rehman is about to pack-up and leave the Dharna.

He said that India wants to criticize Pakistan’s military institutions and that Pakistan’s state institutions are weak, so that the Kashmir issue is brushed under the carpet . Sheikh Rasheed praised the government and said that I am very happy that the present government of Imran Khan has handled this issue with great wisdom and prudence.

He added that Insha’Allah Maulana is going to leave soon and Islamabad will be at peace.

Sheikh Rasheed said that political parties exercise their right in a political way, not with people like Mahmud Achakzai who want to give an impression that there is an atmosphere of anarchy and disunity against the country. 

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