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BJP’s website hacked to write Pro-Pakistani statements

The BJP’s Delhi website, a subdomain of its main website that runs on the same server, was hacked on past Saturday for the consecutive 2nd time.

A group that calls itself _Muhammad Bilal Team [PCE] has posted pro-Pakistan, and Anti-Modi hate messages, most prominently asking everyone who was redirected from to a page called to remember February 27, with a photoshopped picture of Indian air force pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, to memorialize the day he was arrested by Pakistani forces after they shot down his MiG fighter plane. They also put up passionate things like “Pakistan and Kashmir Zindabad” and “#ModiKutta”.

Other messages had threats like “Ghar main Ghuss Kar Marain Gy,” (We will invade your homes and beat you up) and “I can lie a lot, can I also get a ‘Vir Chakra’ like Abhinandan?” to mock him for getting caught by Pakistan.

The hack was first pointed out by cybersecurity researcher Elliot Alderson on Twitter, who revealed that the page, Kashmir.html was created using a service called PasteBin, which lets users make dummy web pages.

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