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After Mission Parwaaz Fakhar e Alam is all set to Hoist Pakistani Flag in Space

Fakhr Alam, a Pakistani singer and actor who has successfully circled the globe in 23 days, has now decided to hoist the Pakistani flag in space.

Singer and actor Fakhr-ul-Alam has announced the release of the documentary ‘Mission Parwaaz’ on the one-year anniversary of the world’s historic journey.

The ‘Mission Parwaaz’ trip was not only an important national event for Pakistan and Fakhar e Alam is known as the first Pakistani to tour the world.

The Fakhar E Alam also shared a message on Twitter announcing that the mission Parwaaz has completed one year.

“I share with you all this proud moment in the history of Pakistan,” he tweeted.

“I hope all of you are proud of me,” he said, recalling the mission Parwaaz.

The proud documentary ‘Mission Parwaaz’ features 23-day hurdles that began on the morning of October 10 at 7am in the American city of Florida.

On the occasion of ‘Mission Parwaaz’ being completed one year, Fakhar e Alam says that I am always proud of being a Pakistani and always doing things that make my country proud, ‘Mission Parwaaz’ was such a journey. Which are rarely performed by people.

He further said that I want more people from Pakistan to do such things, Pakistanis have immense talent and ability. My next destination is to travel to space, I want to fly the flag of Pakistan into space, I need all your prayers.

The documentary ‘Mission Parwaaz’ will be aired on Pakistan Television (PTV), a state-of-the-art broadcast in celebration of Pakistan’s extraordinary historic achievement.

It should be noted that Fakhar e Alam is also working on writing a book and no date has been revealed regarding the publication of this book.

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