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5 Reasons Why Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad Responsible For Tezgam Train Accident

Tezgam Express, was on its way to Rawalpindi from Karachi when the fire broke out early morning, gutting three compartments which had over 200 passengers, including women and  children, at Liaquatpur near Rahim Yar Khan district, some 400 kms from Lahore, authorities said.

The death toll was confirmed by Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad. Officials said over

More than 70 lost their lives and 40 people were seriously injured in the tragedy and the toll could rise.

The fire destroyed three of the train’s compartments, including two economy class carriages and one business class carriage.

We have collected some facts that would let you think that railway minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad is responsible for this incident.

 Firstly there is no properly working fire extinguisher present there in train to control the spread of fire when it is on its initial stage. If it would so then it would surely not be such  a number big disaster.

 Secondly there should be check up and walk through gate would be present at every train station. This would also be very dangerous in other respects if walk through gates and other security checks are not installed at train stations. Now Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad announce huge sum of money for injured and suffered ones from train accident .If they could put that money in installing walk through gates and security checks, a lot of  lives would be saved.

 Some eye witnesses also claimed that the accident is due to short circuit,if it would so then it is very shameful for railway minister. A high level enquiry started and very soon it  would clear all that.

 There are no fire alarms present in the train as well as when the Fire started many passengers jumped out of train to save their lives but almost all of them lost their lives just because there is no exit present in train for such kind of situation.

 Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed always seen commenting on other politicians or giving analysis on current situation. He would never give regular briefing on the progress of his  department. At the end Sheikh Rasheed started playing blame game to save his ministry  but this would never be a solution at all.

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