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Karachi University Student Invents Plastic Bags That Can Be Eaten!

A student from Karachi University has created environment-friendly plastic bags from a marine plant that can be eaten.Plastic pollution is rapidly destroying our planet and marine life at large. Not to mention the climate change that is affecting every life on earth; the growing temperatures, accelerating concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, longer droughts and changing temperatures in the sea killing the ocean life.

The plastic bag can easily dissolve in liquid solutions. This makes one think about its durability, which according to them can sustain cold and solid items for a day. However, it cannot contain warm materials (like tea or other hot liquids) as it can easily dissolve.

It is reportedly created from a marine plant and it could become the next big achievement in human history. Since there have been many attempts at creating a bio-degradable plastic that unfortunately sustained and didn’t dissolve over time.

The host can be seen mixing the plastic in the water and then drinking it to show that it actually comes without any side effects and can solve the pollution problem that our country is facing from excessive use of non-biodegradable plastic.

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