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Newspaper hawker’s son tops intermediate exam in Karachi

Anus Habib, son of Mohammad Habib, a 45-year-old newspaper salesman at the sadar Empress Market in Karachi, took  first position in the Commerce Intermediate Exam and proudly raised the wishes of his old parents and sister.

Last week, October 19, Karachi Higher Secondary Education Board announced the results of inter-commerce in which talented student Anus Habib took first position with 969 out of 1100 marks.

For the past 45 years, Anas’s father Habib has been  selling newspapers and magazines in front of the Empress Market in the karachi, which has been demolished in an operation against market encroachments.

His father’s book stall was hit by heavy machinery, which caused him a lot of damage and since this stall was his only source of bread, he spent many days laying clothes on the ground and selling newspapers and magazines.

In his interview, Anas’s father said that despite financial resources and poverty, he did not give up but educated his children and enrolled in good colleges.

Anus’ father never did inequality between son and daughter; he did not let him do a work part-time  even in the worst of circumstances, but directed his son to focus on education.

Anas Habib said that when I got a call from the interboards and they told me that you have a name in the top 6 position holders, I was not sure and I was very happy when I told my family.

Anas said that when my name was called for the first position on the day of the results, I was surprised at how I got to the first position and when I looked at my father, my father’s eyes were filled with tears. There was no end to happiness.

“I’m so happy today, I’ve fulfilled my parents’ and sister’s dreams, and I want to send a message to all the younger generation to please their parents and fulfill their wishes,” Anas told the media. Make every effort to do so, even if you have to kill your desires for it, you will succeed in this world as well as in the Hereafter.

Anus Habib also received a scholarship from the college on the basis of intelligence which helped him to get education from a private college.

It should be noted that the second and third position students in inter-commerce belong to their college.

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