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MAO College Teacher Committed Suicides On False Allegation Of Sexual Harassment

Mohammad Afzal, an English lecturer at Muhammadan Oriental (MAO) College in Lahore, committed  suicide after receiving false reports of sexual harassment and not receiving a written report after being cleared by the inquiry committee.

Lecturer Mohammad Afzal, a student of the MAO College’s Mass Communication Department, was accused of sexual harassment, which was handed over to Professor Aaliyah of the Physics Department of Inquiry, in which he was declared innocent.

However, he was not provided a written report from the college and he continued to demand it.

Mohammad Afzal wrote in a letter dated October 8 to Professor Aaliyah that he was under severe stress because of the lack of written evidence, his mother was angry and wife left after hearing about the harassment allegations.

In his letter, Mohammad Afzal requested Professor Alia to reopen the inquiry and ask the administration to remove the student who falsely accused a professor. He wrote that this was the only way by which he could clear the allegations.

The next day of this letter, lecturer Mohammad Afzal committed suicide.

MAO College Principal Farhan Ibaadat said that there was a one-day interval between letter writing and suicide.

Meanwhile, according to the Factory Area Police Station, the relatives have written that they do not want any action on which the body was handed over to them.

The letter written to the head of the inquiry committee of the lecturer Mohammad Afzal and his final writing in which he said ‘I am leaving my case in the court of Allah’ is circulating on social media.

The #MeToo campaign on social media has been criticized after this incident on social media.

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