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Inside Story of Babar Atta’s Resignation Revealed

Media reports has revealed that former focal person for Polio eradication, Babar Atta, was asked to resign following misuse of his powers. Earlier, it was reported that Babar atta had voluntarily resigned. But the current media reports reveals something else.

As per details, PM imran Khan was made aware of Babar Atta’s misusing his powers for personal gains. More details reveal that KPK’s chief secretary had personally complained to the PM against Atta.

Also, the former focal person for Polio eradication was being reported of hiring social media activists on heavy salaries. According to sources, brother of a famous social media activist was made part of his team. Moreover, false information regarding polio cases was also presented before the Prime Minister.

That’s not just stops here, Babar Atta has also been accused of lobbying for personal benefits in the international donors organizations. Under Babar Atta as the focal person, the Polio refusal rate skyrocketed to 2.5 million from. 0.2 million.

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