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DG ISPR Replies to the Band Akcent with a “Tea Invite”

The International musical band Akcent is about to tour Pakistan and the band member and vocalist Adrian Sina has been mentioning his due dates of performance in Pakistan on various social media handles of the band.

He has posted about his schedules on Instagram, Facebook,and Twitter but this time he tagged DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor. It seems that Asif Ghafoor has become our cultural and political ambassador because of his sight on international celebrities and political personalities.

Akcent’s official page wrote the tweet,

“Coming to Lahore on 24 Nov and would love to have a fantastic cup of tea with you at Governor House VOK organized by J.H Entertainment thanks to P.M of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan, Governor Punjab, CM Punjab, Women Development Task Force Punjab Ms. Tanzila Imran Khan
@peaceforchange ”

On the tweet by Akcent DG ISPR replied,

“Thanks for tagging. Most welcome. A fantastic cup of tea is scheduled in my office. ”

The DG ISPR overwhelmingly replied to his tweet and offered him a cup of tea in his office. He mentioned it as “the fantastic tea”, the sentence has modified into an International troll for India after 27th Feb 2019.

Akcent also tagged the same tweet to Imran Khan in another thread.

The band during their last tour to Pakistan faced a lot of backlash by Indians who were of the view that why the band is mentioning so much about Pakistan. The Indians expected the foreigners to show the same allegiance as of its own statesmen show which was refuted by the band, of course Akcent was not compelled to love India as Indians do, so they praised Pakistan and Bangladesh besides India and it raged Indian fans .

Some of the Indians even said to the band’s singer on his Facebook comments’ section that now you visited Pakistan so we should unfollow you. The sheer extremist gesture was exhibited to the art and peace ambassadors.

well we Pakistani wish and welcome the band Akcent and we will keep on loving , praising and following Akcent .

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