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Sheikh Rasheed accuses Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman about seeking help from US

Speaking at a press conference in Lahore, Sheikh Rasheed said that Maulana used to tell the US to bring me, the nation has not forgotten yet when Maulana used to tell the US ambassador to make me the Prime Minister.

Sheikh Rasheed said that Fazlur Rahman had announced a boycott of the election and then jumped in the election. He also used Benazir for political purposes first. He said that time is of the utmost importance in politics and the sit-ins are still obscured, Maulana will not come to Islamabad and he may be paid a fee.

He says that religious seminaries are the jewelry of our forehead and I worry more about religious schools than Fazlur Rehman. The Minister of Railways added that our religious seminaries are already under the influence of the Western media.

He said that madrassas are minarets of religion and I stand with them. He said that when the PML-N was bringing the law of propaganda, Fazlur Rehman was also with him. Railway Minister warns the sitters that the National Action Plan is an action, which he believes is mounting on Islamabad will solve problems.

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