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The Ban on Shamoon Abbasi’s Film Durj Has Been Taken Off.

The Central Censor Board passed the performance of actor and director Shamoon Abbasi’s film ‘Durj’ after the review.

Shamoon Abbasi and the production team spent several months researching the actual human eater -based film ‘Durj’ to give it real color, and they spent a lot of time with the humans living in isolated caves in order to change their lifestyle in the correct form.

The film was scheduled to be released on October 18, but the film was stopped by the Central and Provincial Censor Boards in the past.

No official reason for the ban was cited by the censor boards, but reports suggest that the boards objected to the horrific scenes and dialogues in the film.

The decision to ban the film ‘Durj’ was also criticized on social media, even after several actors took it horizontally.

However, the film has now been allowed to be screened by the Central Censor Board.

The censor board has passed it on a movie review after which a new date for the film’s release in Pakistan will be announced soon.

It should be remembered that apart from Pakistan, the film ‘Durj’ has been released internationally in several cinema houses from October 11.

The Director of the Film Expressed his happiness and Strong belief on God after his Film Got Permission to be screened in a Post on Facebook ,where the fans and fraternity congratulated him.

The Film has been given PG  (parental Guidance) certificate after getting permission to be screened.


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