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PM Imran Khan wears black ribbon in solidarity with Kashmir

Prime Minister Imran Khan has worn the black ribbon on his arm in order to demonstrate his solidarity with Kashmir.  Prime Minister office also observed silence for five minutes to show their unity with the Kashmiri Brothers.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said in his tweet that it has been 75 days of barbaric and violent curfew in Kashmir. He said the world is watching the brutality of PM Narendra Modi. He has once again given a disclaimer to PM Narendra Modi about the Bloodbath he is ultimately going to face as result of oppression from Kashmiris.

Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted ,

“As the world watches the worst violation of human rights in IOJK, Modi is now fearful because he knows the moment the siege is lifted there will be a bloodbath – which would be the only way to subdue the Kashmiri people .”

“75 days & Occupation government of Modi continues the siege in IOJK. Modi is riding a tiger – he thought he could get his agenda of annexation by using 900k forces to silence Kashmiris. You don’t need 900k troops to fight terrorism; you need them to terrorise 8m Kashmiri people.”

Prime Minister warns India that by torturing and hostaging Kashmiris, PM Modi cannot occupy the Kashmiri territory without the will of Kashmiris.

Prime Minister of Pakistan is very much concerned about the curfew and he keeps on reminding the world about it and he is also recording his protest on all the platforms so that world doesn’t divert it’s attention from Indian’s brutality.

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