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The phrase ‘Papa Jani’ starts Fight between Two Companies

Diamond Supreme Foam billboard around the major cities shows a single sentence advertising their brand.

Dear Papa Jaani, I have switched to diamond supreme foam. With love

The text on the billboard advertisement was quite evidently taking a lead on their competitor Molty Foam’s advertising campaign that has for years used the phrase ‘Paapa Jaani’ to market the product. Diamond foam company use this phrase very sharply but molty foam company taking an eye on this matter, sued Diamond Foam company.

They received a copyright infringement notice from PEMRA, claiming that Papa Jaani is in fact, trademarked

The matter came on the spot when court easily accept their complain. Diamond Supreme has been banned from running the campaign and ordered to take down the advertisement.s

As this matter came into spotlight so social media have different opinions some mocked the whole issue, referring it to a petty corporate warfare over who’s the real ‘daddy’. While others lauded Diamond Supreme for their creative move.



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