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Muslims are lesser important than a Cow in India Claimed Naseeruddin Shah

Nashiruddin Shah, a prominent Bollywood actor, says that hatred  against Muslims and minorities are increasing day by day due to extremist mindset in India.

Naseeruddin Shah has been criticized by extremists in India over his statement of killing of Muslims at the hands of the mob.

He said that cows have become more important than a Muslim in India today. Muslims are being killed under the guise of cow.

Muslims in India form the largest religious minority in the countryA new study says police in India display “significant bias against Muslims”, with half of the police personnel interviewed saying they feel Muslims are “naturally prone towards committing crimes.

The extremist is very strong in India that leads to develop a bias mindset against Muslims that causes degradation of Muslims in Hindu dominated society.


Hindu nationalism that is becoming systemic in government institutions. A Muslim woman removes her veil to expose horrific wounds to her hands and face, caused when Hindus threw acid over her and set her house on fire. She is just one of many Muslims in Gujarat who have fallen victim to Hindu-led violence against Muslims. But this is not mindless violence; rather, it is motivated by an emerging extremist political agenda – that India is for Hindus.

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