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Pakistan likely to be saved from FATF Black list

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF), chaired by China, held a meeting in Paris. According to sources, Pakistan has worked closely with the FATF targets over the last eight months, which has resulted in Pakistan’s name being left out of the blacklist.

The Pakistani delegation has submitted a report on the implementation of the 27 objections to the meeting on Sunday. According to sources, four FATF targets are pending, and Pakistan has been asked to improve prosecution in these targets.

Pakistan also has to establish better coordination on money laundering between the provinces and the federal. It is important to note that Pakistan’s delegation is in Paris under the leadership of Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Hamad Azhar to attend the FATF meeting.

This is the first meeting of the FATF headed by China, in which Saudi Arabia participates as a member, while Pakistan and Iran are on the FATF agenda. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) confirms the Asia Pacific Group (APG) report on Pakistan on the second day of its meeting in France, taking steps to prevent Pakistan from funding terrorists is appreciated.

The APG report presented at the meeting stated that 40 demands were given to Pakistan for implementation, out of which 36 have been implemented by Pakistan.

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