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Abida Perveen’s fan from Hollywood

Hollywood actress Jada Pinkett Smith who has a huge fame and fan following is a fan of Pakistan’s best  folk and sufi singer Abida Perveen. Jada Pinkett Smith says Abida Parveen is her ‘spiritual mother’.

Hollywood actor is a huge fan of the Sufi singer she once expressed her love for Abida Perveen and said that Chaap Tilak is her all time favorite song from the Sufi maestro .

Now, the actor once again has overwhelmingly praised Abida Parveen . She attended one of her concerts recently. Taking to Instagram, Smith shared a clip from the artist’s performance, where she’s singing her popular kalaam Ghoom Charakhra. Smith called Parveen her spiritual mother and said she can ‘see her path with Parveen’s music.’

She then shared a picture with Abida Perveen. Smith had worn a Balochi blue and white dress.

Abida Parveen is famous globally and does her concerts in USA , UK and Europe  and it’s not surprising for us that  she has fans globally that too in big stars.

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