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Few Impressive Predictions of Baba Wanga About Future

Baba Wanga, whose real name was Vanzalya Pandava Dimitrov, was born in Bulgaria.

At the age of 12, an accident occurred in her life when she lost in a mysterious tornado and visited her family several days later, but her eyesight was reduced due to dust in her eyes were almost gone.

Nevertheless, she looked a lot and started helping people by making amazing predictions.

Media reports said Baba Wanga died in 1996, but before that, he tell about the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 and she predicts about the tsunami in 2004, and also predicted that  U.S. president to be a black American citizen and in 2010 following a series of revolutionary movements emerging in the Arab world. Had predicted ‘Arab Spring’.

According to Baba Wanga, countries of continental Europe will face attacks by Muslim militants in 2016, which will result in heavy casualties and financial losses to Europe. About 2018, she said China would become the world’s largest economic power.

For 2023,she predicted that there would be a change in the orbit of the earth, which would be very minor. About the year 2028, she said that man will find a new source of energy. The grain shortages will begin to disappear and human space missions will be dispatched to the planet Venus. Regarding 2033, she said that melting snow on the poles would raise the water level in the oceans. By 2043, Muslims will control continental Europe, most of Europe will be under the Khilafah, its center will be Rome.

By the year 2046, man will be able to make custom human organs, organ transplantation will be an important means of treatment. After a mosque was attacked in the year 2066, the United States would use an unusual weapon that would cause the temperature to drop suddenly.



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