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US to Deploy more troops in Saudi Arabia Oil Installations

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper says he has approved the deployment of additional forces, including combat aircraft and defense systems, to Saudi Arabia.

He said the move was in response to ‘ ‘threat in the region’ amid efforts to save the country from ‘Iranian aggression’.

The move comes after the United States attacked Saudi Arabia’s oil installations in September last month.

According to US Media the United States has added 14,000 troops to the region since May.

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper says Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammed bin Salman requested additional help.

Saudi Arabia and the United States blamed Iran for the attacks, while Iran denied allegations of involvement in the attacks.

On the other hand, French, German and British leaders said in a joint statement that there was no more plausible explanation for the attacks.

US Defense Secretary Espar told reporters Friday in the Pentagon that evidence of Iran’s recent attacks in the region has been attributed to Iran.

He added that Iran’s notorious behavior was part of a larger campaign to “destabilize the Middle East and disrupt the world economy”.

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