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Story of 12th October 1999

Former Secretary of Defense (R) Iftikhar was going to the Ministry of Defense to issue the notification of the dismissal of former President General (retd) Pervez Musharraf and the appointment of Army Chief as General Ziauddin Butt that he received a call saying that the army had arrived. Please visit General Aziz.

When he arrived, he was told that you should sit here until the process of rule is complete, namely the termination of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his government. The revelations were made by an eyewitness who was close to Nawaz Sharif. In fact, neither Musharraf legally fired nor Ziauddin became chief. Shortly afterward, General Iftikhar received a call from the house saying that the army has surrounded. He complained and the answer was don’t be upset they would go back soon.

He was then allowed to go home. One thing that the eyewitness of all these incidents said on condition of anonymity is that Mian took the summary himself and went to the President who wrote “President May See” and in response, the President wrote “I have seen” him. After the General’s Honor, Mian Sahib said that you should issue his notification.

“I begged that Mian Shahbaz Sahib is in the other room. You should consult him as well. The answer was It has now been decided. However, he rejected the impression that the immediate reason for Musharraf’s ouster was that of Quetta Corps commander General Tariq Pervez. “I do not think this is correct because his retirement decision was decided in the opinion meeting of Mian Sahib, Shahbaz Sharif and General Musharraf.

Although General Sahib went there for condolence, but during the discussion, Shahbaz Sahib requested General Sahib to speak about Tariq. Mian asked what happened. Sir, I want Tariq to retire. Some of his activities are harmful to the organization. Answer of Nawaz Sharif was, I don’t mind, you send me the summary. It was probably decided on October 9 that General Tariq would retire on October 13. On the same day, a news meeting with his prime minister went into hiding, even though the meeting had not taken place.

However, the Prime Minister received a request for a meeting. The Prime Minister expressed his displeasure over the news and directed the ISPR to immediately release its refusal. On October 12, his first meeting was with former Federal Minister and General Tariq’s brother, Nadir Pervez. Nadir requested the Prime Minister that Tariq is retiring tomorrow. If so, meet him today. Before General Musharraf, who was in Sri Lanka that day, requested the Prime Minister that he would like to take his wife as well.

Former ISI chief Ziauddin, on the other hand, did not realize that the army was standing with Musharraf. At least that’s what happened that day. When the announcement was made on PTV, Shahbaz and Chaudhry Nisar were surprised that Mian Sahib did this and that too without consultation.

When Mian Sahib found out that the top leadership of the army had refused to accept the decision, he told Ziauddin, “Where is your command and authority?” His government had already ended before Musharraf’s landing in Karachi.

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