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Mehwish Hayat Praising Government

Mehwish Hayat says that the problems of the girls are very close to my heart, glad that the government is taking steps to solve the problems. Addressing a ceremony organized by the Human Rights Ministry, the presidential medalist said that the government is taking steps to solve the problems of Pakistani girls which is quite happy, we have to protect the girls.

Hayat has been appointed ambassador of Pakistani girls’ rights, in a message on Twitter saying that the human rights ministry has appointed ambassadors for the rights of Pakistani girls. It is a matter of pride for me that I can play an important role in giving girls their rights because I want to see a Pakistan where girls are given opportunities to get education.

While Hayat has raised his voice in favor of Kashmiris globally, addressing a function in Norway a few weeks ago, he said that our Kashmir brothers and sisters have been facing oppression for many years. The global community should play a role.

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