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JF -17 thunder proves it the best amongst fighter jets

Indian airforce recently received its first Rafale Jet from France. Their Defense Minister and Air force also declared that now India is capable of defending it’s land from China and Pakistan much efficiently.

India has been trolled on social media by Pakistanis on this statement as most of the Pakistani tweeted that it is not the jet but the pilots that gives a nation courage to fight and die.

The Pakistani trolls say that the jet was made in France,  flown by French pilot and was protected by Lemons and Coconuts then what Indian pilots have done.

On the other hand India doesn’t think of JF-17 thunder as the efficient fighter plane just because it is manufactured in Pakistan with the assistance of China. It’s out of covetousness that they don’t want to accept it but Feb 27 has proved our capabilities.

JF-17 Thunder is an advanced, light-weight, all weather, day and night multi-role fighter aircraft; developed as a joint venture between Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC), Kamra and Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation (CAC) of China. It possesses excellent air-to-air and air-to-surface combat capabilities.

Besides this, Jf-17 thunder is fully capable of taking the missiles along with it. Not only this it is super fast sharp plane that can survive in tough weather conditions but it is only the machine that ultimately needs a perfect man behind it and proudly we have Pakistan Airforce.

Also this single engine light fighter played a key role in clashes with the Indian Air Force in late February 2019, and were responsible for both of the service’s claimed air to air kills against Indian aircraft.

The maneuvers of the plane are super sharp when it roars in the sky it shows its presence.

Pakistan’s JF-17 Thunder secured first position defeating the most expensive and second Fighter Jets like Rafale.
All this perfection is our best Pilots and only with the help of Allah.

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