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Fazl Ur Rehman is going to be trapped in Trouble , Sheikh Rasheed

Federal Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed  Ahmad has talked with the media on various issues earlier today. He also discussed about ” Azadi March”. He has said that Fazl ur Rehman is going to put himself in a trap He’s been driven into a corner as no consensus has been achieved between him and Shehbaz Sharif.

Sheikh Rasheed said that the months of October ,November and December are important regarding political scenario, it could be converted into a political chaos.

He said, “On Oct 26, I will uncover Fazlur Rehman’s agenda He said you all will witness  screams  of those who have been talking of (new) elections, ”

“Maryam Nawaz has played a crucial role in trapping Nawaz Sharif and now we will see what Hussain Nawaz has to do.”
Sheikh Rasheed further disclosed that six people have been pleading for an NRO from Prime Minister Imran Khan and four of them have been arrested. “Other two will soon be arrested and one of those two belongs to Fazlur Rehman’s party,” he said “PM Imran Khan has saved the country from getting bankrupt ”

He said that Modi regime abolished Articles 370 and 35A of the Indian Constitution, the minister affirmed that PM Khan has pushed Indian PM Narendra Modi into a blocked street.

“China has declared it clearly that the Kashmir dispute should be resolved in accordance with United Nations Security Council’s resolutions,” . He has also said that Pakistan doesn’t want a war with India but if it happens it would be the last war.

Earlier today, Mr Rasheed instructed concerned officials to eliminate technical obstacles which have been resulting in locomotive failure.

He supervised a high-level meeting at the Railways Headquarters in Lahore and ordered the staff to discover and settle the issues of failure in trains’ locomotive section.

The meeting informed the minister on timeliness of passenger trains, technical hurdles on railway tracks and locomotive failure and negligence incidents during a month.

The meeting investigated numerous desired steps to make old and  loss-incurring trains profitable and reviewed freight revenue in the period of one month.

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