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Captain Safdar reveals About Letter of Nawaz Sharif to Hussain Nawaz

Capt. Retired Safdar said that Nawaz Sharif has told his Plan to Hussain Nawaz through a letter. He will keep in touch with Maulana and guide them for a moment.

Speaking outside the accountability court, Capt. Retired Safdar confirmed Nawaz Sharif’s letter to Hussain Nawaz. Speaking about the arrest of Nawaz Sharif in Chaudhry Sugar Mills case, Captain Safdar said, Nawaz Sharif, who was the three-time prime minister, knew this would happen. Nawaz Sharif’s letter has been sent to Hussain Nawaz.

Captain retired Safdar further said, Hussain Nawaz will keep everyone informed for a moment via social media. NAB arrest Nawaz Sharif for ending Maulana and Nawaz Sharif’s contact.
Capt. Retired Safdar said I had come with the message and had given it to whom It was to be delivered. Nawaz Sharif’s handwritten letter has reached to Hussain Nawaz.

Captain retired Safdar says Shahbaz Sharif is a time bomb, he will explode on time. When nothing was found against Nawaz Sharif, he made a new case. Imran Khan’s head only has the tune of controlling the opposition.

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