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Veena and Harbhajan’s twitter spat is talk of the town

Pakistani actor and host Veena Malik has given a terrific reply to former Indian bowler Harbhajan Singh for criticizing her English language.

Recently, former Indian team spinner Harbhajan Singh, sharing a tweet from his social media account, criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech that he presented at the UN General Assembly and said that he used the word ‘blood bath’. spreading hatred for themselves.

After that Veena Malik broke the silence and replied to Harbhajan Singh that Prime Minister Imran Khan had talked about peace in his speech. He has talked about the fact  that will surely come when the curfew is removed, then there will be blood showers, he has  feared it  not threatened.

At the end of his reply, Veena Malik also asked Harbhajan Singh the question: Do not you either understand English?

To which Harbhajan pointed out the spelling error in her tweet which she shortened due to the limitation of words he pointed out to Veena Malik to check spelling as she wrote surly instead of surely in her reply.

Harbhajan made fun of Veena Malik and wrote that Luji see her English, try it for the future and read it before writing anything in English.

Veena later on pointed his mistakes out and mentioned him to recheck his own mistakes made clear his own English mistakes and then point out others.

Later, Veena Malik advised Harbhajan to look for errors along with a cup of tea, which silenced the former Indian bowler.

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