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Syrian Guy Started a Shawarma Stall in Islamabad is famous now

A Syrian guy named Adnan Abu Amir has started a shawarma stall at Islamabad in f10 . People are visiting in bunch from across the city to have the authentic arab taste of shawarma. He has become a social media sensation with in a week.

Previously, he had the stall but a very few people were visiting him. He said from around a week after him being viral , there is a storm of customers and the demand can be seen through the video.

He said that I make this recipe by my heart. I make it with love and I am happy with the response of people I got from Pakistan .He said even if I will go back to Syria , I will never forget Pakistan. He has a slogan which he says while giving Shawarma and it is Yallah Yallah Ya Habibi. He has started learning urdu as well. He conversated in urdu with the anchor. A lot of people might be visiting his stall to get the authentic Arab Shawarma taste. It’s great initiative by a foreigner to create an opportunity for himself , as its an economic turmoil in developing countries and small businesses must be appreciated. All of the nearby residents must visit the new internet sensation after Chaiwala.

Do share with us if you have visited him in Islamabad.

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