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Chewing Gutka Will Now Land You in Jail

The Sindh assembly has passed a bill proposing to send people caught Manufacturing, Storing, selling And using Gutka And Mainpuri to jail. The bill was tabled by information Minister Sindh Saeed Ghani.

According to the bill passed, any person who is caught Manufacturing, selling and chewing gutka will be sentenced to six years of jail term. Moreover, the guilty party will also be fined as much as half million rupees. The bill now also lets police to raid gutka manufacturing places without a search warrant.

Before this there was no law against gutka and it was widely consumed at public places. As per a report, thousands of people have suffered and died from mouth related issues in Sindh for the past few years. Another report suggests that 8 to 10 people are being hospitalized in Karachi every day regarding mouth related issues. The main hub of gutka manufacturing is believed to be in Lyari.


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