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British report denies Pakistan’s backing behind Khalistan Movement

British government-funded Commission for Countering Extremism (CCE) has just released a report that says ” many Sikhs feel angered by claims made by India’s government of growing British and Canadian Sikh terrorism and that “Khalistani” movement has been backed b Pakistan – without any proof.

The report for the UK government’s independent adviser on extremism found that Sikhs were angry that campaigns to highlight human rights abuses were labelled as “Khalistani terrorism” with accusations that they were funded by Pakistan — without evidence ever presented publicly by the Indian government.

The report titles as “The Changing Nature of Activism among Sikhs in the UK” has been written by Senior Lecturer in Sikh StudiesDr Jagbir Jhutti-Johal at the Department of Theology and Religion, University of Birmingham and Sunny Hundal a journalist and a writer.

The report, based on research and interviews, found that tensions between Sikhs and Hindus in Britain were increasing and were set to get worse with the Sikhs becoming more decisive about their faith identity while playing a bigger role in vaster society.

The report analysed in detail why more Sikhs in the West were demanding an independent homeland for Sikhs— called Khalistan— and why the Indian government saw it through the lens of terrorism and extremism. The report further said the Indian govt ignored the fact that a significant portion of Sikhs came to Britain and Canada in the 80s to escape the Indian government’s persecution and were attracted to this idea of ethnonationalism.

The survey participants agreed that Sikhs want a separate country because of the disservice they have confronted and proceed to face. They dismissed the claims by Indian government of extremism and terrorism.

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