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PM Imran Khan’s speech to International trade Council in China

Pakistani prime minister today reached at China where he has addressed with the International trade council. He has explained the significance of Pakistan’s potential Market.

He said, ” We have seen China struggling, how did they learn from their mistakes and how they became fastest growing economy. There was a time when Pakistan was considered fastest growing economy in 60’s and we have heard china has learnt from Pakistan. Now it’s our time we want to learn from China.

Personally the thing that inspires me most about China is that they lifted  700 million people out of poverty and this has never happened in history. Entire world should follow this pattern from China.

China allows businesses to make money.  China concentrated on special economy zones export zones and they brought investments and created wealth and furthermore spent that wealth on less privileged people.

Secondly, Tackling Corruption is the thing that Pakistan wants to follow.

The Chinese president’s  biggest crusade is against corruption I read in newspaper that Chinese mayor was found with tons of gold and within 5 days he was executed. Corruption is the biggest obstacle in investment coming to your country. The reason why we were not able to develop the investment in Pakistan is Redtapism, which is also because of corruption.

I wish I could follow him and put 500 people in jail but unfortunately we have a very cumbersome  process so we hope in time we will improve it but I do believe this is something also the way China has gone ahead the way they have learned from their experiences. I went to the Chinese communist party and they explained to me the process of meritocracy how everything is analyzed how there is a constant think-tank. It looks like China will leave all the countries behind in next decades.

Now Pakistan, since my government has come into power we have taken conscious decisions that we will make it easier and easier to come into Pakistan. We will want them to make profits , will encourage profitability.

Previously, we had a mindset of envy and competition of the political powers with investors when they started to make profits they were pulled down by political powers.

But now we are looking forward to investors to come to Pakistan. This government is the first government after 1960s which wants the investors to come to Pakistan and make profit and PM’s office is driving this opportunity to invest in Pakistan.

We have formed a CPEC authority which will resolve all the problems related to  CPEC under my office.
In Gwadar port we have completed phase 1 of Freezone and the Gwadar airport will soon be completed.

Gwadar port’s whole idea is to connect China with Indian ocean.

we are bringing ease in business and over all we are on eighth number , the country that advances in the ease of business.

In phase 2 of CPEC we will focus on industry and agriculture.

Why should people invest in Pakistan?
1 – Strategic location
2 – Population of 200 and 20 billion people, (the youngest population and labor force )
3 – Economic revival through reforms
(In ease of doing business we have make biggest strides.)

4 – Industrial clusters through special economic zones.

5- Religious tourism for Buddhist , sikhs ,hindus and Christians.
(We have 5000 year’s old indus civilization.)

We want Chinese investment in textiles, IT , food processing , agriculture and tourism.
Pakistan is most untapped tourists potential in the world we have 6 out 12 highest peaks of the worlds it has mountains deserts valleys and plains .

We want China to invest in Housing, to invest in drilling. For oil and gas we have invited the companies.

The security situation has improved thanks to our Intelligence and security agencies and for Chinese we have made special security force.

The Visa for Chinese have been eased. The
Labor cost is cheaper in Pakistan.
We are developing free trade with China.

Finally this is a great opportunity I am especially here to talk to Chinese investors this is the time to come to Pakistan. I pledge to remove all obstacles that come under investors way. We want to raise like China .

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