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Indian Media’s obsession with Pakistan Army is intensifying

General Qamar Bajwa has reached China and he is going to accompany Imran Khan. He is part of the official delegation to China. The Indian media seems to be too much concerned in this regard and not only this the meetings of army chief with business delegations previously also stupefied the Indian media as they discussed it in their news.  He has also been actively involved in the internal country matters on which Indian media is having distress.

The Indian media anchor said that the most important person in Pakistan is Pakistani army chief and Imran khan is just reading his given speeches. They called Imran Khan as puppet prime minister in the grudge as he did a harsh speech in the General Assembly which was all against Indian Prime Minister.

They have been speculating the whole China trip as they say that both the highest officials met with business delegation and now they are going to China for business investments to china. The Indian media is linking up the trip of the premiere and establishment’s meeting with business community . They are in discomfort due to Pakistan army’s presence in all the international visits.

The Indian media also said that Imran khan is acting on Bajwa’s commands.

Indian media moreover, erroneously tried to spread the hearsay about the coup in Pakistan.

The Indian media is doing all this in the grudge with PM Imran Khan as both the leaders together are a force to reckoned with and India is in fear of Pakistan Army and General Bajwa as they have recently learned lessons from this force.

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