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PIA Suffer Fraud From Foreign Fraudulents

In the airspace of Turkmenistan, the over-flying bill was handed over to the fraudster rather than the government. Stories of incompetence could not be understated. Over three and a half million rupees of food was wasted in three years.

The national aviation company is shocked by the details. Foreign counterfeiters fetched PIA $ 5,000. Over-flying PIA flights over Turkmenistan’s airspace have been forged.The money was transferred to the bank account prescribed by the fraudster instead of the public bank. In March 2018 seventy flights were paid for over-flying in April.In reply to the email sent to the original email address, the fraudster gave his email address. The fake email sent money to a Turkish bank’s swift code instead of a public bank.

The national airline’s department also confirmed the bank change with a fake email address. The fraudulent disclosure was sent by the Turkmenistan department to resend the payment invoice.

The administration did not respond to a department inquiry report nine months ago. The inquiry report did not take any action against those responsible for the disclosures and suggestions.The second setback to the national organization came from the negligence of the administration. PIA Flight Kitchen Audit Report burst into flames 10 million worth of food was wasted in three years.

During 2013 to 2015, 55 lakh 58 thousand 284 passengers traveled. Food was arranged for 60 lakh 72 thousand 839 passengers.

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