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Talks with India are out of Question at this moment, PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that talks with India are out of the question in this ongoing in stable conditions in occupied Kashmir. India revoked its special status in August and imposed curfew in Kashmir.

The PM talked this during a meeting with United States Senators Chris Van Hollen and Maggi Hassan, who met Prime Minister Imran Khan to share their observations with the prime minister about their recent visit to Azad Kashmir.

The premier said India PM Narendra Modi has distorted the face of India in front of the whole world, adding that he is not certain himself of the current face of India.

PM Imran said he was the biggest supporter of Pakistan-India talks; however, it is impossible until the situation is normalized for the better in occupied Kashmir.

The prime minister also thanked the US senators for cooperation on the issue of Kashmir.

US Senator Chris Van Hollen was this week refuted to enter  into Indian-occupied Kashmir during a trip to India. He was the first US senator (official)  who was refused to enter IOK.

Hollen is part of a group of US Senators who have expressed serious concern over the alarming situation in Kashmir also he condemned the human rights violation that has been arising after 5th August

US Congress members Tahir Javed and US charge d affairs Paul Jones were also a part of the delegation.

A subcommittee of the US House Representatives will hold a hearing on 22nd October on the human rights violations being carried out by India in occupied Kashmir.

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