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PM Imran khan appreciated efforts of Welfare Trust

Prime Minister Imran Khan has congratulated the selani trust Charity who innaugerated Ehsas langar khana in Islamabad. PM Imran Khan has inaugerated the Langar khana. He was addressing the inauguration ceremony of the event in which he appreciated the efforts of trust.

He said we will innaugerate 112 langars in start after that we will expand and will help the trust in expanding these langar khanas. He said it is the difficult time in terms of job creation but we are making sure that there should not be hunger in the country. Charity is a peaceful act and it satisfies your inner soul it is the way that Allah has suggested to man
kind and it develops empathy in a human.

He said that he we will follow the Chinese model of business where he will collect taxes from business community that will eventually be spent on poor people. We have a bigger plan of welfare state. I urge people to be patient. He said it’s only been 13 months and people ask about Naya Pakistan. It is a process and government is striving for it.

He said it is not a one day task it’s a huge movement. He said the State of Madina wasn’t created in one day. It was a long-term process. He addressed to the inauguration of Selani trust’s langar khana.

The trust members who inaugurated Ehsas langar khana told PM Imran khan about their currently functional langar khanas under selani trust. He has visited the langar khaana later on and also eaten lunch.

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