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Amir Liaqat Slams Gul Bukhari on Twitter

Amir liaqat has posted some relevant documentation  on his twitter account against the Azadi march. The documentations were supposedly fake but Liaqat already used word “Mubayyana” which means doubted or suspected
on which Gul Bukhari angrily replied in his tweet.

Meanwhile, Gul Bukhari has lend her unprecedented support to Maulana on which she has been badly trolled by the public. The public is saying it’s a bad time for Gul Bukhari as she has to support Maulana Fazl ul Rehman. Also she has been criticising government, army and Imran khan which is evidently shown by her twitter account.

Gul Bukhari tweeted that ”
Now here’s the third fake document in two days, against the Azadi March. This time Mr Kaisa Diya himself. ”

She has jabbed Amir liaqat by saying him as ” Mr kesa dia ”  one liner by Dr Amir liaqat that got viral years ago.

Amir Liaqat replied to her tweet

“If you do not understand the word “Mubayyna” then I have no advise for you… open the dictionary and then tweet… Ms Gul Bikaoli ”

Amir Liaqat has called her “Gul bikaoli ” and it got uglier when she tweeted back.

“Keep deleting, pitiable specimen. Aik mein ne karwa di, aik @mazdaki ne karwa di. You poor thing.”

Previously Amir Liaqat deleted the fake documentation that he shared on his twitter on which she taunted Amir liaqat.

This, on Twitter has become a never ending hate tale when again Amir Liaqat responded.

He tweeted back

“It is better for you to wait, wait for the day when you have no answer of three questions. In fact the irony is you do not know the questions as well”

This time Liaqat actually asked Gul Bukhari to keep quiet on the matters she doesn’t know about.

She responded with another reply

“Have your medicine”

And this was the time which brought Dr Amir Liaqat in Wrath. And it became terribly awful and unpleasant.

So far, the last tweet that we have seen is certainly ugly and the tweet reads

”  Oh shut Up nasty, cruddy, smutty and lousy bikaoli
Chal Pare Hat Thori Hawa Aane Dei!!! ”

Veena Malik also praised Dr Amir Liaqat in her reply to his response to Gul Bukhari.

Veena malik tweeted

” چھا گئے سر”

We have been observing the patriotic side of doctor Amir Liaqat for so long amidst so many controversies.  No matter whether there are  Indian anchors, Rishi Kapoor, Tarek Fateh, Adnan Sami Khan or liberals like Gul Bukhari. He is not calm and neither does he want to be quiet. He this time too uttered his phrases wholeheartedly.

What do you think of this ugly twitter spat?

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