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Rehman Malik Says Only Imran Khan can save This country

PPP senior leader and Ex Interior Minister, Senator Rehman Malik, has given a surprising statement saying Imran Khan can only save this country from polarization.

He was talking in a Talkshow ”Insight with Fawad” on Public news.
Commenting on the present condition of the country, He said: Our perception about the condition of country and bureaucracy is wrong. Our nation is full of potential. Our country only need a leader to guide them in the right way.”

He further advised:” Government should give path to your nation and bureaucracy. All problems will be solved. Space and defects are placed in the system to get benefit through it. Without bringing Transparency in contracts and working, this system will keep working like that. No election or government will be able to bring a change.”

”Take an example of appointment of Judges in the Election Commission of Pakistan by the government. This thing has only given them insult. Matter of foreign funding was also stopped in ECP. I don’t want to play the blame game but today I will tell you the way the country is passing through a polarized condition, only one person can save this country who is IMRAN KHAN. The only thing he needs to do is to work with all other parties.”

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