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FIR lodged against 49 showbiz figures speaking in favor of Muslims in India

In India, a lawsuit was set up against thirty-two prominent figures for damaging their country’s reputation and supporting secessionist thinking, who wrote letters to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on rising incidents of mass violence and expressed concern. The case has been registered against the thirty-eight leading figures in Muzaffarpur in Bihar state. These persons include Ram Chandra Goha, Aparna Sen, Mani Ratnam, Adoor Gopal Krishna.

Gopal Krishna termed the government’s move unreliable and they regard all people as a democracy in which everyone has the right to express their opinion. Gopal further said that he should not be declared a traitor simply because he does not agree with the government. Gopal Krishna said that India is a democratic country in which every citizen has the right to convey his reservations to the authorities having power.

He added that any responsible government will take action on the issues raised in the letter as dozens of people are being murdered at the luncheon and these incidents are escalating as the suspects know that no action will be taken against them. On the question that his letter has damaged the country’s credibility, Gopal asked whether the lobbying was not affecting the country’s credibility and he was pushing the government to stop such incidents. However, he declined to comment on the future course of action against his case and said he would consult with other signatories in this regard.

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