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Shahzeb Khanzada And Sheharyar Afridi Engages in Verbal Fight

Anchor person Shahzaib Khanzada and Federal minister Sheharyar Afridi are having a go at each other after the former called out the later for failing to answer question regarding Ranasanaullah’s case.

Shahzaib khanzada claimed that he had invited Sheharyar Afridi several times on his show to answer some questions regarding Ranasanaullah’s case. But Sheharyar Afridi failed to appear and answer his questions. The Geo anchor person then played some videos of Sheharyar Afridi where he is talking about Ranasanaullah’s case but don’t present any proofs.

Responding to Shahzaib Khanzada’s criticism, Sheheryar Afridi said that no matter what Shahzaib Khanzada says he will go after everyone irrespective of their political and social status.

Shahzaib Khan then yet again responded to Sheharyar Afridi and called him out for bringing religion to support his political claims.


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