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Tax evasion and Money laundering are different, Chairman NAB

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Javed Iqbal on Thursday addressed traders and industrialists in Lahore to reassure them that the concerned party is acting on their complaints and will not be a cause for disturbance in their businesses.

He said “There are anti money laundering laws, NAB has no personal grudges with business community. We follow the rule of law. We have not been taking the cases of tax evasion , we have taken the cases of money laundering. Do not mix tax evasion and money laundering as both are two different things. We will refer the cases of tax evasion to FBR”.

Chairman NAB said empower us and we will bring back all the looted money back to the country . The chairman said there is a difference between a money launderer and a business man. He said that Those who used bikes have become billionaires. Poor man dies without a vaccine and rich people are looting the country.

He has said I am rendering my self for any sort of inquiry and accountability about me. He said NAB has recovered billions of rupees so far.

He said that NAB should be given the credit it deserves.

Discussing plea bargains, the NAB chairman said: “Till I don’t approve it, there can be no plea bargain.”

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