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Sheikh Rasheed Claims there will be no long march against Government

Minister of Railways, Sheikh Rasheed, claimed that the government has settled matters with opposition to complete five years of the present government.

Addressing the function in Karachi, Sheikh Rasheed said that the railway has increased by 8 million passengers, Imran Khan has said that ML One project will be important in the next election. We will remove the reasons for the delay in the ML one project.

Talking about national politics, the Railway Minister claimed that Maulana Fazlur Rehman will not do any long march. It is pre planned and decided. There are dengue mosquitos in Pindi Islamabad. If Maulana will come to Islamabad, then dengue would bite him. The original work of Fazlur Rehman has already done by Imran Khan.

Sheikh Rasheed claimed that all matters were resolved by the opposition, inside news is that Imran Khan will complete 5 years.
Pakistan is going out of crisis, but the opposition is trying to spread frustration and desperation.

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