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WhatsApp is introducing the feature of Snapchat in which the messages will be vanishing after having read by the user.The messages will not be remain in the record once it has been received and read after a certain duration.

The owners say it will enhance the security of the user’s privacy.

It is said that now whatsapp is cloning into snapchat. Well we don’t have any idea if the feature will be accepted by the users as most of the users really want to keep the record of their whatsapp chats.

Previously, whatapp has recently added the feature of deleting a message with in an hour which was highly appreciated by the users.
However we can see that snapchat’s users are lesser in numbers and mostly they don’t use it for chatting purpose the way users use whatsapp .

Let us see how would this new feature go for people

The element is expected to safeguard the security of discussions.When it is turned on, clients will have the option to set a period limit on the messages.

It would align WhatsApp with various other talk applications, including Gmail, Telegram just as Facebook Messenger.

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