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Prime Minister Imran Khan Speech on Madrassa Reforms in Pakistan

Addressing the awards ceremony of the students of religious institutions, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the Prophet Karim put most emphasis on education, Muslims progressed with knowledge, not with sword, the decline in education caused the decline of Muslims. For 700 years, all the leading scientists were Muslims; the British purposely ended the Muslim education system.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that there are 3 educational courses in the same country, the Prophet said, “Get the education, whether you have to go to China, Allama Iqbal read the Western philosophy first. Pakistan was created for a purpose.” Must teach, teach children What was the cause of the rise of Muslims in the past? We are weak, left behind in the field of education.

Imran Khan further said that Turkey and Malaysia have decided to start a TV channel, will aware of the opinion of Muslims in the world through the channel, unaware of the history of Islam, Turkey made a film based on its history.

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