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China unveils supersonic nuclear ballistic missile on its 70th anniversary

Chinese Army launches ultra-destructive Super Sonic Ballistic New Clare missiles, several times faster than sound. China has unveiled this missile on its 70th anniversary celebration ceremony attended by Chinese president Xi Jinping.

The Super Sonic Ballistic Nuclear Missile DF-17 was introduced on the 70th anniversary of China’s ability to dismantle the US defense system.

Due to the Hyper Sonic Guide Vehicle, this missile is capable of hitting targets at low altitude. The location of this missile is extremely difficult to identify due to the efficient and expert use of the latest technology.

According to defense analysts, DF-17 is capable of traveling 25 times faster than air speed and can reach the United States in just 30 minutes.

China also introduced DF41 missiles on the occasion of its 70th independence.

In addition, China also introduced the latest intercontinental DF41 missile, which is being described as the world’s largest target for missiles with speeds of up to 15000 km.

According to the China Arms Control and Disarmament Association, the DF41 missile is capable of carrying 10 warheads.

Defense experts say the DF-41 missile is a real threat to the United States because it has the potential to target the enemy’s defense system by targeting and hitting the real target.

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