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PM Imran Khan wants Pakistan to Make Movie on Khalid bin Waleed

Imran Khan announces to launch a news channel like Aljazeera along with Turkey and Malaysia. He said the purpose of channel will not solely be news circulation but to share the Islamic history as well. He said we should make news on our Muslim heroes like Khalid bin waleed as our generation doesn’t know anything about our heroes.

He says that Muslim Ummah does not have any representation in the world and the channel will help in projecting our stance globally . It will become voice of Muslims across the world.

He says we rely on Hollywood and bollywood movies for the history but not into making the historical facts based movies, we will come up with such content that will educate our youth about our rich history. The way real Muslim heroes ruled and spread Islam.

He further added that we will dub the Turkish serials which they have made on their Muslim heroes that tells us inspiring stories about the rise of turk empire.

He said we are really looking forward for this to happen soon.

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