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Indian Army Chief Warns Pakistan after PM Imran Khan’s speech

Indian Army chief General Bappan Rawat said that anytime it could become our necessity to cross the Line of Control , if Pakistan will continue to send insurgents

In an interview with the newspaper Times of India, the Indian Army chief said that through surgical strike our clear message had already been sent.

The statement of Indian army chief came after Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech at the United Nations in which he talked about the situation in Kashmir and also warns of nuclear war that could occur between the two countries.

General Bappan Rawat added that if there will be no infiltration by Pakistan on the Line of Control, these borders would remain intact. He claimed that We can cross LOC at any time whether by land route or by aerial operation, or both.”

He said that “goals have been set in this matter and further strategies have been planned.

India’s army chief also criticized Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech at the UN General Assembly. In his speech, Imran Khan said there can be a threat of nuclear war between the two nuclear powers.

He said “I do not understand whether they are talking about using nuclear weapons in conventional war or if only they are attacked? Will the international community ever allow you to use such a nuclear weapon? Pakistan’s statements show that they lack understanding with regard to the use of strategic weapons. ”

He alleged that Pakistan wants to create deterioration in India by sending youths across the border. “But we are making sure no terrorists enter our area.”

This is not the first time such a statement has been made by General Bappan Rawat. He has previously accused Pakistan of patronizing terrorism and interfering in India at a ceremony held in July to complete 20 years of Kargil conflict.

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