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Despite the ban traders in Sindh using plastic bags

Despite the newly imposed ban on plastic bags in Sindh, the traders are still using plastic bags in Sindh. The ban was altogether rejected by people and traders.

Sindh government has also imposed ban on single-used plastic bags, it was announced by the Chief Minister’s Adviser on Information Senator Murtaza Wahab on Monday.

In a notification, dated September 27, the provincial government invoked the Sindh Prohibition of Non-degradable Plastic Products and the Sindh Environment Protection Act 2014.

The provincial government “is pleased to impose complete ban on the manufacturing, sales, purchase, and use of non-degradable plastic bags of all sizes,” read the notification tweeted by the Senator.

The ban will be implemented from October 1 2019, previously on 14 August in Federal capital the plastic was banned completely. Islamabad became the first city in Pakistan to declare itself free from polythene bags.

The government further directed the use instead of oxo-biodegradable plastic, which is known to degrade in the open environment, and is seen as an environment-friendly replacement of single-use plastic packaging.

The plastic factory owners and traders have recorded their protest. The owners say banning the plastic bags will result in unemployment of all the workers who do job in plastic bag factories.

The advisor to the prime minister on climate change, Malik Amin Aslam, said plastic bags have become a hazard for the country.

He further added that every individual in Pakistan used nearly 300 plastic bags per year. Pakistanis use plastic bags in abundance which is hazardous for seas and oceans as plastic lives for a lifetime and blocks rivers and seas also the species ingest it and die.

It is the right time to switch towards alternative uses.

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