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The Kashmir Issue was about to be resolved in General Musharraf’s , says Kasuri

Khurshid Mehmood kasuri in his recent Interview gave an account on  how the Kashmir issue took a turn when it was about to be resolved in the Era of General Pervaiz Musharraf.

He said a biggest blunder was made when all the Kashmiries got united, all who were in favor of freedom were not going to sit inside their homes,  and  when they will raise their voice for justice the 9 lac armed forces will not leave them without damaging them.

He said in March the President Musharraf sent reference against the former Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad chaudary, the Lawyer fraternity got enraged over the issue.

After the scenario created by the lawyer fraternity, he said it was clearly  not the right to call Mr Manmohan Singh to Pakistan. In August 2006 six elections passed including UP in India. The Government of  India called us and requested to delay the tour of Mr Manmohan Singh to Pakistan because otherwise the opposition would have been against their government.


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