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Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Earthquake affected areas in Kashmir.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has reached Mirpur Azad Kashmir

PM arrives at District Hospital Mirpur to help injured Imran Khan earthquake victims

Prime Minister said When I was in the UN, I knew of the earthquake and I was very sorry, I wanted to visit here immediately but delayed my return from the US.

I extend my sincere sympathy to the people of Azad Kashmir and Mirpur over the loss of life and property caused by the earthquake. I can feel their sorrow
The government is developing a package for the recovery of the victims and every possible and immediate step will be taken for the earthquake victims. Prime Minister.

Briefing given to Prime Minister on recent loss of lives and financial loss in Azad Kashmir, relief measures and steps to overcome the loss.

Prime minister Imran Khan visited district hospital Mirpur, he met the patients  effected by the earthquake and has announced that a package is being arranged for the earthquake affected victims. Imran khan expressed his grief of not being in the country at the time of this disaster. He said i got so upset when i got the news of the earthquake and destruction caused by it.


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